Youth Ability Assessment
Running the Wedge Presentation (Updated)
Mental Conditioning in Youth Football
Making a Better DW QB (Coach Kevin Thurman)
2005 SAB Presentation
Receiver Progression Drills
Draws and Screens in the DW (Coach Derek Wade)
Roosevelt HS Presentation (Coach JJ Reyes)
DW Youth Passing Packages (Coach Malcolm Robinson)
2nd Annual DW Symposium Presentations
DW King and Jester Package (Coach Derek Wade)
DW and Implementing a One Back Offense    (Coach Roger VandeZande)
Coach Michael Santiago's Articles
Offensive Blocking Gauntlet PPT
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Coach Jack Gregory's Articles
3rd Annual DW Symposium Presentations
Alternate Plays in the DW (Coach Greg Hansen)
Alternate Plays in the DW2 (Coach Greg Hansen)
1st Annual DW Symposium Presentations
Bunch Passing in the DW (Coach Ted Seay)
Making a Better DW FB (Coach Kevin Thurman)
Option in the DW (Coach Malcolm Robinson)
Counters in the DW (Coach Mike Beam)
Game Day Adjustments (Coach Derek Wade)
U.G.O.T 3 Blocking Rules (Coach Charlie Eaton )
Unbalanced Formations in the DW (Coach Greg Hansen)
Progressive Coaching and Team Building  (Coach John Torres and Richard Scott)
Unbalanced Formations in the DW Document. (Coach Greg Hansen)
Effective Game Filming (Coach Kenny Mead )
First 10 Days with Two Wings (Coach Derek Wade )
Triple B Power Series  (Coach Jack Gregory)
Coach Darrin Fisher/ JJ Lawson Articles
TKO Blocking Scheme
Darrin Fisher
53 Defense by Coach Brian Sellers
Player Pre Season Evaluation Spread sheet.
Double Wing Coaches Forum - FREE DW PLAYBOOK
JJ Lawson - password: dwinger
Heat Prevention Plan for Team
63 Defense by Coach Jack Gregory
Password: 63defense
62 Shooter Defense by Coach John Carbon
Coach Mike Mahonz Articles
Zone Blocking for Youth Football
Andrew Coverdale/ Dan Robinson Articles
Crease Route PPT - Andrew Coverdale
InsideTrap Concepts for Youth Football
Tampa Bay D'Line Manual
2LD Defense - Coach Ted Seay
2LD Defense Install Plan - Coach Ted Seay
44 Stack - Split - Coach Ted Seay
Defensive Technique
Football Coaching 101
Coaching Terminology - Coach Ted Seay
Ohio State Line Backer Manual
Pass Rush Fundamentals - Buffalo Bills
Nebraska  DB Manual
Univerisity of Miss. D'Line Manual
Alley Screen PPT - Andrew Coverdale
Bootleg PPT - Andrew Coverdale
Flow Screen PPT - Andrew Coverdale
Inside Zone PPT - Andrew Coverdale
Lonesome Pole Cat Articles
Lonesome Polecat PPT - Brian Bretzke
Polecat Formation PPT - Brian Bretzke
Catching the Football - Coach Ron Jenkins
Various Articles from Double Wing Coaches
Stop Motion Series in the DW
Ted Seay Articles
Spread Option Run & Shoot  (SORS)
SST Package for the DW
TCU Spread Single Wing
Tiger PoleCat Series - Author unknown
Single Wing Offtackle Plays
A Formation
Youth Wing-T
2004 Double Wing Playbook PPT
Offseason Power Training Schedule
10 Quarterback Reads - Coach Ron Jenkins
Markham DW PPT
Referee Hand Signals Chart
Double Corner PPT - Andrew Coverdale
Quicks PPT - Andrew Coverdale
Out PPT - Andrew Coverdale
Bunch Front PPT - Andrew Coverdale
Toss PPT - Andrew Coverdale
Game Planning PPT - Andrew Coverdale
Spread Articles
Hal Mumme SE Louisana Clinic - Gary Goff
Jenks HS Game Plan
Jenks HS Formations
Jenks HS QB Manual
Jenks HS Gun Run Game 
Jenks HS Passing Game 
Jenks HS Vertical Passing Game 
Jenks HS Bunch
Uncovered Passing and Screens PPT - Andrew Coverdale
Hurt the Blitz with the Screen Game - Mike EmenDorfer
Shot Gun Air Raid - Hal Mumme/Mike Leach
Teaching Pass Patterns and Drills - Hal Mumme
Receiver Techniques and Drills - Mike Leach
Formations and Pass Protection - George Curry
Offensive Philosophy - Terry Bowden
Wing-T Articles
Wing-T Jet Package - Glenn McNew
Adapting the Bunch Passng to the Single Wing
Gunslinger Cross Package
4th Annual DW Symposium Presentation
6-1-4 Punt Coverage (Coach Malcolm Robinson)
Double Wing Speed Series (Jason Mensing)
Double Wing Belly Series (Jason Mensing)
Progressive Coaching Durham Eagle Style (Coach Dave Potter)
Menard DW Success Story (Coach Roger Herrington)
Griffin GAM Defense (Coach Chris Austin)
Enduro Drill Demonstration (Coach Jack Gregory)
Password - enduro
Robert McAdams Articles
Coaching the 20 Gap DT's in the 44
Different Defensive Philosophy
Single Wing Play Series
DW Power & Counter Running Game
Understanding Training for Strength & Power
Developing  A Coaching Strategy - RD Cottrill
L.E.G Blocking Progression - from the 2nd Edition of the Triple B  Playbook
Password: TripleB
Coaching a Dominant O Line
JJ Lawson
Youth 33 Stack
Password 33stack
Basic Endurance and Acclimatization Program
Endurance and Acclimatization Program
2nd Ed. 63 Defense by Coach Jack Gregory
Password: 63defense
Triple B - Rocket Wedge Sweep Series: Password - TripleB
2006 NFHS and NCAA Rule Differences
2nd Edition Triple B - Supplement 3
Buck Wedge Series - Tight Formation Password - TripleB
2nd Edition Triple B - Supplement 4
Fenton Series - Tight Formation Password - TripleB
1999 Clemson Offense - Rich Rodriguez
Gregory Double Wing 2007 Password: GDW2007
Prince of Peace Playbook 2007 Password: tripleb
Cover 2 Pattern Reads - Bob Stoops
Cover 3 - Bob Stoops
Defensive Coverage Recognition
Inside Zone Concepts
Tackling Drills
Middle School - Split 44
Running Game PPT - Andrew Coverdale
Passing Game PPT - Andrew Coverdale
General Info PPT - Andrew Coverdale
Mini-Curl PPT - Andrew Coverdale
2000 Trinity HS Spread Offense PPT - Andrew Coverdale
Quick Passing Game Presentation PDF - Andrew Coverdale
GDW Part Blocking Scheme 2007
Password: GDW2007
GDW Sprint Series 2007
Password: GDW2007
GDW Dump Option 2007
Password: GDW2007
Chris Austin Articles
Belly Counter Play - Write Up
Belly Counter Play  - Power Point
335 Defense PPT - Coltscoach
335 Defense Doc - Coltscoach
Single Wing Articles
Power Wing - Ross LeGrande
Modern Single Wing Football - Charles Caldwell
Developing a Multiple Structure in a "Pro Style Offense" PDF - Dan Robinson
5th Annual DW Symposium Presentation
GDW Beast Blast
Password: YDW2008
GDW Beast WB Seal & BB Wedge
Password: YDW2008
2000 Valdosta Spread
2001 Boise State Spread Offense
2002 WVU Offense - Rich Rodriguez
2002 Bowling Green Offense - Urben Meyers
Fly Offense
Fly Offense Playbook
Casey Kester Articles
The Tao Of Football
Dan Robinson - Tube Method
Flexbone Power Point
Flexbone & Veer Offense
Georgia Southern Veer PDF
Olivet Wing-T Playbook
Olivet Wing-T Jet Series
Olivet Wing-T Passing Game
Hotel Deals Under $100 (120x600)
Hugh Wyatt Articles
Safer and Surer Tackling Resource
2003 Utah Spread Offense - Urben Meyers
2005 West Virginia Spread Offense
Veer and Zone Read Drills
Screen Game "04 by Mike Emendorfer
2nd Edition Triple B - Supplement 1
Wild Bear and Bull Password - must purchase 2nd Ed.  Triple B Playbook
2nd Edition Triple B - Supplement 2
Buffalo Series Password - must purchase 2nd Ed.  Triple B Playbook
Derek Wade - Mob Kick Off
Keith Herring - No Huddle Defensive System
Jason Mensing - Developing a DW Program from Youth to HS
Leonard Johnson - Scott's Branch DW Success Story
Dave Potter - Progressive Coaching Part 3 - Developing a Youth Program
Jason Mensing - Developing a Basic DW System
Robert McAdams - Teaching the Olympic Lifts
Tim Murphy - 44 Swarm Defense
Robert McAdams - Applied Strength Training for Football
Tim Murphy - Clovis East HS Counter Pass (Awtg PPT Will Post Shortly)
Ted Seay - Adapting the 2LD Defense to Modern Offenses
JJ Lawson - 33 Stack Attack Defense
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